Top Ten Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain, it is a historical city with a great cultural richness. It is essential to visit it, or to spend some time there in a fantastic flat. 


Below we present the 10 most emblematic places in Madrid


Prado Museum

Considered one of the most important, it is one of the most visited in the world. It contains the most outstanding collection of European paintings, with the extensive presence of painters such as Goya, El Greco, Velázquez, Titian, Bosch and Rubens. A visit is a must. 

Puerta del Sol

Meeting point par excellence, it stands out for its constant activity 24 hours a day. There are also several points of interest, such as the mythical clock of the Post Office, where the end of the year bells are usually broadcast, and the Bear and Strawberry Tree Statue, 4m high and with its own symbolism, does not go unnoticed. 

Plaza Mayor

Only 300m from the Puerta del Sol, the Plaza Mayor is a historic square, finding its origins in the 16th century. 

There are several points of interest, the most important being the Statue of Felipe III, the Arco de Cuchilleros and the Casa de la Panadería. 

Finally, it is worth mentioning the Casa Botín restaurant, founded in 1725, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest in the world. 

El Parque del Retiro

Historical garden with an area of 118 hectares, it is a must in any visit to Madrid. Apart from its great botanical richness, with some 167 species of trees, it also stands out for its buildings and monuments from the 17th to the 21st century. The most important ones would be the Alfonso XII Monument, the Crystal Palace, the Big Pond, the Parterre, the Royal Astronomical Observatory, the Felipe IV Gate and the Artichoke fountain.

Puerta de Alcalá

It is the most important old door of the five that still exist in Madrid that used to give access to the town. Nowadays, it is one of the entrances to the Retiro Park. 

Cibeles Square

A place where two of Madrid's symbolic monuments are located, among others. In the centre is the Fuente de Cibeles (Cibeles Fountain) in neoclassical style and, around it, 4 emblematic buildings, the Buenavista Palace, the Bank of Spain, the Linares Palace, and the Communications Palace.

Temple of Debod

Located to the west of Spain Square, it is an ancient Egyptian building. It was a gift from Egypt, as a thank you for the help given to save the temples of Nibia. An unparalleled opportunity to visit a unique building from more than 4000 years ago. 

Almudena Cathedral

It is located in the historical centre of Madrid and is the main temple of the Archdiocese of Madrid. It was built on the site of a former mosque. It is essential to see its impressive interior, with its colourful stained glass windows. 

Palacio Real

Also known as the Palacio de Oriente, it is the official residence of the King of Spain, although they are currently housed in the Palacio de la Zarzuela. It has 3148 rooms, making it the largest royal palace in Western Europe. Seeing its interior and its rooms full of history will leave no one indifferent. 

Fine Arts Circle

Finally, we would like to highlight one of the best viewpoints in Madrid. From its rooftop you can see unique views of the city. 


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