BE APARTMENT is a company that rents luxury accommodations for short and long stays, making the properties profitable for its owners and useful for our guests´ holidays.

Apartments for rent in our cities have been quickly increased, as it is a good way for families to have a more comfortable stay than hotels. Thus we have decided to add new apartments to the ones we had, and in more cities than just Barcelona, where we started. If you have an apartment - no matter where in the world it is - and you want to rent it for short or long stays, let us know. Maria Tutusaus, co-founder and manager of the company will take care of contracting and real state advising. From the begining to the end, both are capable to take the highest benefit out of the building within a short period of time.

In addition, you shall not worry about the initial expenditure since you will get the money back in a short time. You just have to get in contact with us and we will advise you how to rent your apartment for short stays according to the needs and laws of your city or region. We will also take care of restoration, renovation or decoration of your apartments.

We rent the apartments to those who are willing to visit our cities.