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Treviso, an Italian town called by the poets "the polite city", the land where atmosphere is calm and serene, where the Venetian aristocrats spent their holidays in the 18th century.

Treviso is a beautiful town in the Veneto region, located about 30 kilometers from Venice. The town is situated between the palaces decorated with frescoes, porticos, old villas, and tranquil channels where the Sile River runs, the small mills that are in several points of the city.

This city was a fishers´ village in the past, but today it is a famous tourist center. It is called "Venice in miniature", because its picturesque alleys with colorful little houses really remind you Venice. The historical center is surrounded by fortifications and medieval walls, here cross two rivers, Kanian and Sile, this is a really picturesque place, which gives the city an incomparable charm.

Those who want to rest from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis will adore Treviso, because life there is quiet, measured and silent. Along the shore there are extensive avenues and parks, some restaurants and cafes of great comfort, also you can buy some souvenirs in a store or simply find a place in the shade of trees for a picnic.
One of the most beautiful neighborhoods is Vicolo Molinetto, there you can enjoy the walk through a vast park and see the old mill that continues to operate in our times. For those who love shopping it is worthwhile to take a trip to Pescaria Island, the most lively place in the city. In addition to souvenirs and traditional jewelry, the town offers some delicious seafood. The best season to visit it is from May to October. It is a small town that can be traversed by foot from one end to the other. Among the provinces of the Veneto Region, Treviso is a small jewel that stands out for its refined and luxurious shops. It is a city that cares about the details and always tries to maintain a high quality of life.